IMMIGRANT VISAS - Immigrant Petitions/Investor Visas

Investment of either US $0.5 million or US $1 million in US business, depending on locality in US, must employ at least 10 American citizens or permanent residents. Initial permanent residence 2 years and thereafter conditions removed and residence becomes permanent, must show business is viable during the 2 years conditional residence period.

It is possible for a foreigner to get immediate US permanent residence by investing US $0.5 million in an active investment in a high employment area in the US or US $1 million in any area. The investment has to be active, in other words, merely depositing the money in a US bank or purchasing property would not be enough.

The Visa, if issued, is conditional for 2 years. If at the end of 2 years, the business is shown to be buoyant and thriving, the conditions are removed and the conditional permanent status becomes permanent.

An addition requirement is that the investment must provide employment for at least 10 American citizens. This is a job creation cum investment Visa.

The Alien incorporates a company in the US, transfers the funds into the company account, purchases or leases all real and personal property to run the business, employs the sufficient number of people, and files a Petition with the US Immigration office where the business is located. Upon approval by the US Immigration office, the foreign US Consulate is notified and US permanent residency stamped in the passport of the principal Alien and his family.